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Partnering to help scale their Engineering teams and build their employer brand

Tide is the leading provider of UK SME business accounts and one of the fastest growing FinTechs in the UK.  They have over 2% market share in the UK and have raised over £120m in funding to date.

We have partnered with Tide since 2016 and have helped them scale their tech teams as they have gone through numerous funding rounds, as well as help develop their employer brand in light of competition from Monzo and Revolut.


  • Scale Engineering team
  • Improve employer brand


  • Our Talent Specialists worked closely with Tide’s Head of People and Head of Tech to create a bespoke solution to build their Engineering team and enhance their employer brand
  • Our Tide team organised and co-hosted an Android event at their offices for 75 engineers, followed by an iOS event for 90 engineers, to help raise their profile amongst our talent community of Mobile Engineers
  • In 2019 alone, we placed 12 Engineers directly to help establish a highly skilled Engineering team to provide a sustainable, high-growth platform

"Gravitas’ Mobile team approached the task with high professionalism and identified and aligned with our needs and requirements really fast. The results were significantly better and faster than what we had experienced with other agencies. The engineers they have placed with us are among our high performers and high value team members. In addition to the above, they have helped us with various ways to build a good Engineering brand and reputation. I would highly recommend them.”

Head of Mobile & Web Engineering